grinder smells sooo bad i can't keep it within 6 feet

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  1. Okay so i bought my first nice grinder off a friend a couple days ago for 20 bucks its a nicer 4 part grinder, we then proceeded to smoke a blunt and i just put the roach in there to take with me. now the thing smells like wet moldy tobaco, not sure if it did before but i didn't notice it, its seriously so bad i cant keep it near me ive already tried cleaning it it didnt help, what to do?
  2. Buy a new cheap one.
  3. lesson learned, don't put blunt roaches in grinder.
  4. Drench that thing with soap and get a sponge and clean that fucker good.
  5. Soak in alcohol. Problem solved
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    Soak it in rubbing alcohol.. Wipe it out.. Let it dry overnight. Don't put anything in it that until after it dries. You don't want to breathe that shit in
  7. rubbing alcohol
  8. grinded the roach?
  9. Shit in it. Then it won't smell like wet moldy tobacco anymore. Problem solved
  10. toss it in a fire burn out any of the smells and since its metal (which most are) it wont melt. just dont keep it in to long
  11. didnt grind the roach just put it in the empty keif catcher for storage
  12. Yeah blunt wraps smell like shit when you smoke them, all sorts of random ass chemicals to make it taste different, that's why you aren't supposed to inhale them, lol.
  13. haha well then im fucked i guess =p
  14. you shoulda known better bruh!

    u know damn well that roaches smell so bad.

    but go ahead nd soak/clean/dry.

    re use.
  15. why dont u just clean it thenm
  16. imagine what your lungs smell like

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