Grinder smell appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by smokemanybowls, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. OK blades i know you all love to open up your grinder empty or not and just bask in the smell of dank that was once present there i do it too the dank explosion from my grenade grinder :hippie:
  2. next thing we will have saved up old-ass roaches appreciation thread!

    although... they do come in quite handy..
  3. hell yea i love that fruity smell!!!!!
  4. we do i didnt start it but you know the smell of a grinder is great
  5. I feel ya...I've been dry for 3 weeks (2 days to go!!) and love smelling the grinder..HAHA
  6. Mine smells mighteh fyne.
  7. It smells like all the dank strains ive put in their mixed together.
  8. hehehehe yeah,i smell it,but i check it for any leftover weed traped under the screen to get a quick high:smoking:
  9. yeaaa but roaches aren't really on my list of things that I enjoy smelling
  10. I love my grinders smell. It smells up the whole room lol
  11. yea i love smelling my grinder delicious
  12. my grinder smells like a dank explosion and it looks like a grenade so it works
  13. My buddy and I actually have two grinders. One for strictly mids and beasters and one for strictly dank. The dank one always smells amazing.
  14. Mine smells like a bowl of fruit loops sprayed by a skunk.
  15. thats great thats just great haha :yummy:
  16. Like an explosion of love inside your nostrils.
  17. holla

    i'm sniffen mines right now

    space case sniffen...breathe in deep enough you get high
  18. i appreciate my grinder smell!!!!
  19. Oh dear lord this man... :smoking:

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