grinder & sifter / dry pipe and a gram / vaporizer / gong and a/c?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by ATXsouljah, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. I have a cheap $15 poker chip grinder, a PH(X) trinity, double chamber bubbler.

    Im wanting to buy a Da Buddah/Silver Surfer Vaporizer,Space Case 2pc. Titanium Large Grinder, Wood Box Keif Sifter (anyone know the best brand to get?), a black label icemaster 5.0 RooR, and a RooR A/C once i have a RooR (preferably a german made RooR).

    Since i already have a top of the line GonGs, i figure i could upgrade to a really good grinder, and get one of those wooden sifter boxes that i can throw my herb into the box and sift it and it will sort out my keif and the ground herb. im guessing these together would be around $100. and a good whip vape for my dorm use with the oil tray so it wont stink up my room. on the other hand i want to have a RooR as well and have a nice A/C and a cool slider like everyone else, im jelious :( haha. i like my trinity but i want to start collecting anyway. also i figure id like to have a dry peice as well my local headshop (planet k, which is the closest headshop tfrom my house) has a small pipe around 4 inchs long maybe a little shorter it is a penguin and it is chamillion glass but it looks black anyway so idk how it wil change color it is $25

    currently i have 50 dollars i dont know what to do. i have not smoked in a month, and if i get that small pipe for 25 i can get a gram of "strawberry short cake" the guy behind the counter was trying to sell me for 25 a g. so 25 plus 25 is 50 and i can smoke today, but idk...

    sorry for the bold, i wrote it out and tried to take it off and it didnt work and now it wont let me change back for some reason :( btw does glass inflate? like if i hold off on the RooR and try to get it in a year after the vape and all the other small acessories i would like..will the price go up or will it be harder to find etc.?

  2. I'd say to save up for a vape. After you get that vape, you will be able to save so much money because it will use so much less weed, that with the savings, you'll be able to buy that other stuff if you want.
  3. Too much boldness is not easy on my eyes. :(

    I say go for the A/C.

    They help keep your bong adequately cleaner and you won't have nasty looking water in your bong. :)

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