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  1. I think I am going to be buying a grinder ( first one I would ever have )

    What type of grinder/price range i would be end up spending on this?

    Also, what are the pros and cons of grinders?

    I also want to be able to collect kief, am I able to do this with just a regular grinder or no?
  2. well how much do you plan on spending and what kind of grinder do you want?

    Im not really sure what your asking from us
  3. I was wondering like what brands and stuff are good for a grinder, i know absolutely nothing about them. I was wondering what they usually run for ( money wise )
  4. well if u get it from a head shop you know its gonna be quite a bit for a metal one that collects kief.. brands arent really an issue but make sure the spikes are metal and nothing else. ones on here can be anywhere from 15 to 25 for the 4 part grinders that ar metal so just look around and look fer one with a screen/ kief compartment or "pollenator" hope this helps :smoking:
  5. i would say to make sure you choose a metal 4 piece. metal becuase its durable and 4 piece because yo want to be able to harvest kief. sharpstone makes a good product and space case is the king of grinders. about 50 for a sharpstone and about 100 for a space case
  6. Ive had good experiences with Sharp Stones and Chromium Crushers. Both good brands imo.
  7. Definitely grab one with a kief catcher, it'll cost more but it's definitely worth it if you wanna press some hash! Think about it, it's like a reward for smoking your bud, you get free hash.
  8. If you want to collect keif you need a 4 piece. A regular 2 piece is nice as well but you can't collect keif with it. Get a good quality one. If you want one that will last forever then you need a Space Case. If your going to cheap out on a grinder get a chromium crushed but I would reccomend at least a Mendo Mulcher. I had a Shsrpstine and it put tons of metal shavings in my keif, ruined like 2gs of keif!;(

    Whatever you get, make sure to clean it really well before you use it for the first time- this is important.

    You can find these grinders and others on eBay and Anazon, keep an eye out for fakes!!!

  9. Metal shavings from your sharp stone? Ive never had an issue. Maybe you just got the unlucky straw :\. <3 MM's!!!!
  10. No it's just with their products it's really a hit or miss, you can get some that works, but it's luck of the draw. So why take the chance? You could just get something quality from the beggining.

    Look for o rings between the teeth, it's a good sign of smoothe grindage.
  11. i have a wood grinder and i love it, i REALLY love it. as weird as this sounds though you just have to lick it before you use it every once in a while.
  12. Well, I spent $35 on my SharpStone and my LHS and it was definitely worth the buy. Not shavings, like NYCdeisel noted. But you're going to wanna go for a metal 4 piece, if you're wanting kief.
  13. Like I said, you can get a well working product, but it's not consistent. I'm pretty sure the Sharpstone has a softer aluminum alloy then some other grinders.
  14. i know of 5 or 6 sharp stone owners, including myself..and have never heard of any problems from my friends. i love it for $35 as well at my local shop. no metal shavings here

    would def go sharp stone unless u wanna drop more $ on a space case :smoking:
  15. I'm looking at a Titanium Crusher myself, only 23$ on Ebay for a 4-piece and they look really sharp.

  16. 17 dollars on amazon.
  17. I just picked up a chromium crusher off of amazon for around $15, best fifteen I've spent in a long time.

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