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  1. Hey GC, so I just dropped about $25 on a brand new mini grinder today, it's my first, and I have a question about the function...

    It's a 4 compartment grinder with 2 screens. The top compartment is obviously where you grind your herb, and the holes in it let it drop down into the second compartment and onto the first screen. You have to unscrew the top half to retrieve said herb, resting gently on the first screen...

    But heres where I start to not get things... Unscrew a second part and you get to the third compartment between the two screens, and unscrew another part to get to the bottom area below the second screen...

    I assume this fourth, bottom compartment is where kief is collected. but it has to be filtered through 2 screens? Is there any function to the third compartment and are the 2 screens necessary?

    If someone could fill me in that'd be super :smoking: thanks in advance, GC
  2. the finest kief makes it all the way to the bottom and im guessing bigger particles and tiny pieces of plant matter get stuck in between the two screens. Not necessary but kind of a nice little feature.
  3. Check out to see if one is actually finer than the other. If not, I say just keep one screen as backup. If the pieces come apart like they do in the picture in my head of your grinder. If one is actually finer, keep that one lower. You will have two kief storage compartments. Just one will be super fine (special occasions) and one will be for more frequent use. You may be better off only using one screen.
  4. That's what I was thinking haha and yes it works just like you think, one screen could be taken out but i'll check to see if the second is finer next time I use it

    Also, about how long does it take to build up kief? i've only used it 3 times thus far, and I can't see that anything has made it through the screens... Of course, I'm kind of assuming that's normal but I just wanna make sure the screens aren't too thin or something
  5. There would be kief from one grind with some high mids/ dank. Thats with one screen though.... Take the screen out, seriously two is in no way good now that i think about it. Kief shouldn't rest on a screen. I wish I could show you how much kief is in my grinder, my grinder is a medium sharpstone like 3/5ths full of this yellow/brown stuff! So good, but I never use it, not too sure why but it doesn't build up if you use it...
  6. Ive got the exact same setup. What you have my friend is a double kief catcher. You have 2 compartments for keif, the lowest compartment catches the very fine, pure crystals. while the next level up is meant for the more corse, lower grade keif. I absolutely love mine! You got that for a good price too my friend, who is it made by?
  7. I couldn't tell you, there's no name on it my man hah

    But thx for the feedback, I think one screen is finer than the other but it's hard to tell... Regardless, I got under some better light and I can see keif in both compartments... That shit's tiny as fuck haha :hello:

    Thanks for the help guys

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