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  1. Hey I have decided to upgrade from my cheap aluminum 4 piece grinder to a space case.  I was thinking of getting a 2 piece space case due to being wayyy cheaper than the 4 piece.  I am a fan of collecting kief from a 4 piece so I am wondering if I can grind the herb using the 2 piece space case (to avoid the risk of any metal shavings in it) and then placing the grinded up material onto the pollen net in my old 4 piece to collect kief.  Is this a viable method? 

  2. If u get same size grinder u shuld be able. To to screw your pollen catcher part to the grinder
  3. i have a 4 dollar grinder and ive had it for years and it works just fine
  4. I guess you could do that, but you might have to shake the bud around a little. If you don't mind possibly having to do that and maybe losing a little bit of potency with your buds I think it might work.
  5. Metal Shavings in your bud? DA FUCK? 
  6. [quote name="codswallop" post="19388574" timestamp="1390438685"]Metal Shavings in your bud? DA FUCK? [/quote]It can happen with metal grinders I'd you grind before they're "seasoned."Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity F
  7. Metal grinders from Taiwan maybe.. 
  8. I would just pretend it was more weed, not metal.
  9. I love my space case she never has dulled on me or brook a tooth cant say the same for my sharp stones.

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