Grinder or Hands?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Superman007, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. I have been thinking of getting a grinder for a while now...ive always used the pinching technique or just it worth buying?:confused:
  2. Yes buy a grinder, with a kief catcher, it really is much better, saves time, and when your out of bud a bowl pack of kief will fuck you up lol.
  3. Wicked investment, saves a lot of time + hand washing!
  4. Grinder! Always feels like such an effort grinding up bud by hand, and kief is such a blessing!
  5. I personally love using my hands. It may take more time, but it's like cooking; You can microwave that shit or cook it on the stove ya know? and you can get your bud the way you want it as with a grinder it's always the same result. I don't use my grinder unless i get a QP and give out some "Gifts" for my friends.
  6. It really comes down to a matter of personal preference. Most people that I know are not grinder users, scissors are used most. I on the other hand use a grinder (4 piece) and enjoy the keif that I collect. I like to sprinkle it on my bowls every once in a while for a little something extra. If you were planning on getting a two piece and not a four then I would just stick with your current methods and save the money.
  7. worth it bruh.

    once you get a grinder.. you never go back!

    specially with the kief catchers.
  8. Go with a grinder dude! :)

    --- 100th post! :D
  9. Get the kind of grinder with the single screen, and take that screen out. Thats wat i did, and i like it a fuckload more than i did when i had the screen in it.
  10. Grinder hands down.

    No pun intended.
  11. I like 2 pieces. You can just keep getting it finer and finer till you are happy.
  12. Hells yeah. i got 3!
    You cant go wrong with those bitches.
    Although i still do prefer to break up my chillums and bongloads by hand. :)
    Buut when rolling or doin gravities, its waay more convenient.
  13. but the screen separates the kief from the weed
  14. True, but a lot of the cheap ones just clog and you lose a bunch of keif in-between the screen and the metal, depending on how its designed. The metal one I had with a screen, I ended up cutting it out after a year or so to find a ton of caked up keif I had no idea existed :D lmao
  15. Scissors all the way.
  16. IMO, Hand-broken up weed burns slower/longer. Grinded weed burns a little faster. Hands for me...
  17. wouldn't it depend on how much you are preparing? I only use the smallest pinch at a time. 2 vaps seems to use it up.
    grinder would seem like a waste for me.
  18. Anyone heard the term chortlebowl? That is my home towns method of bustin/choppin weed that I have never ever see anyone else do. In my new town when I mention chortlebowl I get looked at funny. Basically a chortlebowl is any container that hold weed that you can fit scissors in. For example a shot glass and prescription pill bottles are common. Just throw bud in and chop till u think it's good enough. It's actually quite efficient and chops the weed finer then busters it seems, busters tend to expand the weed and make it more string then choppin win scissors. I've never wanted to spend money on chopping devices.

  19. When you vape, you want the largest amount of surface area exposed to the heat.... so using a grinder for vaping is more efficient IMHO
  20. Grinders a great investment that will last you a very long time for not much money.

    As for what type that's up to you. I'd say the plastic work pretty well and are reasonably cheap. But I'd recommend you get a metal one with a kief catcher they'll last years and are the best hands down.

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