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  1. Alright so heres the deal,

    I'm tired of smoking bowl after bowl in an apple when doobies set me straight, so I am looking into a grinder that saves up that keif, yadiggg :D

    Anyways, I am also in need of a new peelo for whenever I'm trying to smoke a quick bowl or something you know? My last 2 pipes got broke, and the bubbler I had was ehh alright, old fashioned double perk but I broke it trying to get this toothpick out that my friends mom shoved down it.. but i digress.

    Tell me what you think about this grinder + peelo combo,

    Glass Pipe - Colored and Fumed - English -

    Colored pollinator grinder - English -

    which color on the pipe looks the coolest to you guys also,??

    i personally liked the light turquoise/green at first, but changed my mind to the orangish and turqoise one after looking up close and imagining hitting it.

    the light greenish/turquoise one is just too, plain and idk.. just not how i prefer my pipes, i like them to look a little more BAM or eye catching you know?

    but anyways, post your opinions or suggestions for other grinders / pipes under like $40 ea

    Thank you for your help and reading, one love! :smoke:
  2. Green, so it matches the grinder! :D
  3. get a sharpstone grinder from Ebay and go look at bowls at a headshop. my $0.02
  4. i have the red grinder i got it 2 days and already have like a nickel size piece of keif :) i love the grinder it grinds it to just the right size. make sure you wash it when you get it though :)
  5. I have one of those cheap grinders. Identical build, picked mine up a few years back. Lasted almost a year, but lost four teeth within two months. I understood what I was buying, as I just needed a cheap, larger sized grinder for rolling. Spend the extra money for some quality. (Space Case, Diamond Grind, Chromium Crusher, etc.)
  6. oh thanks for the heads up on the teethe breaking,
    my buddy was hinting towrds me getting a stone grinder, but i was still going to get this one.

    yea, i will look on ebay and else where forsure.

    and yea i thougth that piece was a little to expensive too, theres just no quality smoke shops close to here so its like a 15 minute drive and im out a car :p

    just complicated, but thanks for the comments and suggestions !
  7. That pipe is cool, but check out amazon for a grinder. I just bought a four piece one for 10 bucks and it's not a shit one either.
  8. The blue one looks sick

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