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Grinder keeps getting stuck

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by zay, May 15, 2011.

  1. I recently bought a 2 piece diamond grind grinder from my friend for $10 (originally $25). It was his first grinder so its kinda old. Everytime i clean it, its works fine for 2-3 sessions but then it starts getting harder to turn at certain points while grinding. Whenever i grind, theres also these black/green sticky spots that form on the parts where the grinder turns and i think that's whats making it jammed (when it gets jammed, i cant open it and i have to soak it in hot water till it loosens). What can i do to stop it from getting jammed without having to clean it every few times

    ps. my grinder gets jammed with both dank and reg so its not due to the quality of bud
  2. the black/green build up is probably grinder hash. soak it in iso alcohol and let it dry out to make some qwiso.
  3. Try throwing it into the freezer for a few minutes next time it gets jammed. . . then give it a try. . .(expanding/contracting gets it to move most times) and clean it with ISO instead of water. I find when they get old, they jam more frequently. . .
  4. "What can i do to stop it from getting jammed without having to clean it every few times
    " Buy a new one?

    That's probably why he sold it, it sounds like a piece of shit..
  5. Try not putting pressure on your grinder when you turn it. I used to do this and ever since I relaxed and let the grinder do what it was designed to do I've stopped having sticking problems.
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    This. If you just twist it gently, it should work fine. I used to have the same problem with mine until I remedied it with a little less force.

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