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Grinder help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by munchiesuck420, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Ok so I'm looking for a grinder to grind my trees. Soo I would preferably want one with a keif catcher, magnetic, and want it to be able to work for me for longer than 2 weeks( I want one with a little bit of value). I would like it to be under $30 (I'm not really willing to spend more). So what do you think GC? This may be a stupid request sorry if it is.
  2. not stupid at all but if you want a quality grinder the cali crusher is exactly what your looking for... by far the nicest grinder ive seen
  3. i got a grinder for around 5 bucks off amazon, its 4 piece steel and has a kief catcher
  4. amazon grinders are good, seen em in person and I can vouche
  5. just buy a decent metal one for like $20 bucks, i have been using the same grinder for 2 years and it still works perfectly.

  6. I vouch for the Cali. Makes mucho keif and holds in smell decently well.
  7. Love my large Sharpstone!
  8. if you dont wanna spend too much, just go to a local smoke shop and just buy one... i dont really see how a grinder could last for only a few week... like dude... they are made of metal... and they grind up dried plant material.... maybe it will get a bit dull after a year if you put like a pound of weed through it but really any grinder will last you quite a while..
  9. Go with a Sharpstone or Mendo Mulcher.
  10. get a space case 4 piece on amazon, found one for 50 and its the perfect size. worth the extra 20 man
  11. I will always recommend a 2 piece grinder and a separate pollen box. You can get both for $40.
  12. Cali crusher is a great and cheap product. I love my 4 piece grinder, it's plain silver and I have no idea who manufactured it. There is no need to go too fancy
  13. Santa Cruz shredder
  14. look on amazon for grinders, they are super cheap. I got my clear top sharpstone with a keif catcher for 20 bucks when they are normally like 35-40 in a shop. They have all the brands you could want on there.
  15. Guys im sure hes already got his grinder
  16. Try your LHS

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