Grinder full of Kief , left it outside in a sand storm

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  1. As the title say I left my grinder open last nig and it had a lot of kief in the bottom tray. Today it’s been hella windy/sandy and I don’t know if sand got mixed in with the kief.
    Would y’all smoke it lol?
  2. This is the kief catcher after . Idk how full it was before

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  3. Just smoke it. The sand is inert. Won't burn. Not a big deal.
    Send it here I'll sure smoke it.

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  4. Silica dust can be very dangerous to your lungs. In what quantity, and if the sand around you is Silica, I couldn't say.
  5. Im going to pass lol
  6. Damn!
  7. At the worst, you could use it to make some slightly gritty edibles, or dump it into some high-proof alcohol to make a tincture.

    Granny :wave:
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