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Grinder Cleaning

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BongRips, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. Hey guys. I used nail polish remover to clean my grinder and I let the grinder sit in warm water and dry after. Is it safe to use?

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  2. probably would have been smarter to ask this question prior to using the nail polish remover. Because acetone and isopropyl alcohol aren't interchangeable. But anyways, acetone has super toxic vapors and shouldn't be used to clean grinders or pipes. theyre two different chemicals
  3. Using acetone is fine. As Panther said, it does have very toxic chemicals, but that means you just really need to clean it with soap and water very thoroughly. In Europe, isopropyl is very hard to come by, so those of us who live here usually use acetone to clean our pipes
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    Well I just got the santa cruz shredder mini 2 piece and there was a sticker on it with the price on the back of the grinder so I removed it with nail polish remover . I didn't clean the inside or anything. I should've edited the thread. But is it safe to use this way? I still let it sit in hot water and dried it off

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  5. Yes. It's fine.
  6. in the future, if you have access, the highest concentration of isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol you can find on the shelf at chain dept/drug store of choice.I use, whats the bottle...91%? but other concentrations do work... for my grinders I usually just keep a mason jar of isopropyl on hand, and open the grinder up to each individual component (some are just 2 piece, others have compartments for filtering, kief seperation, etc, i've seen 4 piece grinders, imagine there are 5 piece out there). put the pieces in the jar and set it up outta the way... after a day or so take it out, shake it out, dry it up, maybe rinse and you should be good to go
  7. Should also note that people should take care and pay attention to how their grinder is made - some have cheap glue or paint on them that chips /melts if soaked in ISO - ESPECIALLY if you're going to evaporate the ISO off and use the hash....

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