Grinder caught in relationship crossfire

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by dkong911, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Shit guise I'm stuck in the living room of a one bedroom apartment with a friend. We're waiting to vape some hella dank in the Volcano, but another friend and his girlfriend are locked in the bedroom arguing and throwing shit over some trivial, pathetic matter. The problem is, our 4" aluminum grinder is stuck in there so we can't vape!

    1. Risk looking ridiculous + the crossfire, and Rambo it in there to get the grinder.

    2. Wait

    I'm thinking 1
  2. err, crumble it with your fingers?

    I mean, it's only a couple of bowls right?
  3. Ever heard of scissors?
  4. i just wanted to run in on naked people arguing

    acquired, full success
  5. nice.
  6. lol^

    seriously that be so funny.

  7. Been my grinder since I started smokin lol a little more effort but still does a great job

    I dont think I could argue naked..
  8. hahah rambo it man. go get that grinder!
  9. Naked Something went terribly wrong in that room. Good job on getting the grinder though lol.
  10. Naked arguing... The problem must be that guys package.
  11. "Come on, let me put it back there just once"
    "NO DAMMIT!!!"
    dkong911 sneaks in and grabs grinder
  12. Seriously go get a grinder. Even a cheap one. It'll make your life so much easier
  13. Indeed, I always used a grinder, baught a new one for 10euro's, with a thc filter.. go get one! =D
  14. fuck a grinder. be a man, use your hands.

    and nice goin with the naked arguing, roflmao.
  15. A THC filter?
  16. i think he meant a kief catcher haha even though that does sound fucking hilarious haha

    OP, i owuld have done the exact same thing, fucking walk in there grab ur shit and if they flip out be like "look fuckers, u two arguing is interrupting my vape session for which i have been longing for all week, i need my grinder, ur girlfriend has nice tits, PEACE"
  17. I would never want to filter my THC!!!
  18. Dont be silly!

    I want one of those grinders too, the nice little present they make for you is great. like christmas I'd say.

    I have one grinder that doesn't have this filter, and the THC crystals will fall off anyway, so why not just save them for a special toke session.

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