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Grinder cards.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by elixir, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Does it work good for large amounts 8th++???
  2. Nah not great for more than a dub takes about 5 minutes to break down a medium density nug. Its a lot like grating Parmesan cheese but a little harder
  3. Looks messy and cant see it lasting long when you buy it.

    I'm gonna stick with my cheap plastic grinder that grinds great. That thing has withstood years of abuse compared to my fancier ones. A slam on the table gets the kief out after the bud. Hasn't broke yet.

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  4. You guys don't get the point of it,instead of carrying a large grinder in your pocket you have a device that does the same job(besides collect kief)and you don't even feel your carrying it.
  5. I get that bit man, but I don't have a wallet, so it would be walking around in my pocket and probably start to dull out. My bank card looks like shit because of it!
  6. Looks cool, but just really for the novelty factor. I wouldnt use it out and about tho, your weed would blow away in the wind whilst you were grinding it. Also if the bud is slightly sticky and moist still it probably wouldnt work so well.
  7. Damn people I bought mine for 4 bucks even if it only works half the time it's a good investment.
  8. I got a free one when I bought my bong last year and I have never used it, it comes with a sleeve so it's still in good conditiob
  9. looks nifty.

    obviously wouldn't replace my grinder.. but there have definitely been times where i'm out and about without any of my smoking goodies and a spontaneous blazing opportunity will present itself.

    pick up a small sack, buy a blunt or two.. and then BAM.. gotta sit there and start breaking up bud by hand. even worse if you're drunk. i would gladly pay a few dollars to never run into that situation again.

    for those of you guys who have one.. how long do you think they'll last if you use it once or twice a month?
  10. thatd be tight if this product could be refined to actually work, but another problem I can see is that eventually, maybe even just a couple G's into using it, it would get sticky and stick to my wallet and make my wallet smell like bud too.

    Cool concept though, not just the stealthiness of it but the simple fact that its the size of a card, just needs some tweaking to it.

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