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Grinder Appreciation

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrBananagrabber, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Hello fellow blades. I've been smoking for over 5 years now, and I still remember the first time I used a grinder. It was a real turning point for me. It was like when a caveman discovered he could use tools.

    I currently have two grinders The Notch,(the smaller one in the pictures) which I love. it grinds to my expectations every time. And I love the keif catcher(current keif collections seen in pic)
    I also have a bigger SharpStone, but I rarely use it due to the lack of a keif screen. it was a gift.

    Please share pictures of your grinder and current keif collection if you have one! I would love to see them :smoke:

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  2. Is that silver one by american grinder? and that clear one looks like a garlic shreder from ebay.
  3. All I know is it's called The Notch. Got it at my local head shop, but here is a link to them The Notch 4 Piece Metal Grinder - 50mm - Blazin Herbs

    And yeah, that sharpstone one is junk. I need a keif screen for sure.
  4. i've got an old coffee grinder covered in stickers. plus some random four piece buster i keep around.
  5. Aerials, Throw up a pic of that coffee grinder sometime
    and Hippie, What do you think about Mendo mulchers? They seem to be about the best i've seen Mendo Mulchers

    Edit: My Notch came with that lil keif scraper too
  6. Yea thanks. I dont know if anyone tried that but my bare aluminum ones shed. So i tossed em, Not worth the risk if theres even a possibility of metal. Any movement makes heat and friction so all grinders do it to a certain extent. Anodized alum. or chrome steel dosent do it as bad though, becuase its hard/durable
  7. I love my grinder! I've become addicted to collecting kief.
  8. It really is grand isn't it? I shudder to think of the keif I would have lost were it not for a catcher. :cool:
  9. Sup blades. I wanna get one of these space case grinders, but not the big 100 dollar one. Just this one: Space case herb grinder - LARGE
    Would this one still get the job done?
  10. I dont like to think of it as lost, but temporarily misdirected. With a two piece you probably would have smoked it.

  11. Sure would, but think about getting the black one.

  12. Is there any difference? And it wasn't that one, it's actually the two piece magnetic one.
  13. i love my grinder. all my friends use mine too so i get all this extra kief.

    also :smoke: at the rohto bro. good choice!

  14. Interesting.

    Heres the whole article*official-anti-blunt-movement*.html
  15. What kind of grinder do you use? And yeah, I get my buddies keif too sometimes xD

    Gotta keep Rohto on ya' at all times :hello::wave:
  16. Interesting, yes. But I use my drops on a purely recreational basis. It's not as if i'm shrugging off the droopy eyes and redness, and I damn sure don't try to hide the redness. I like the revitalizing effect after using them, maybe an hour or more after initial smoking.
    And yeah, like most things one would abuse, surprise! It's bad for you :smoke:
  17. Recreational eyedrop? but yea i dont use em that much either

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