Grinded weed or broken down weed for backwood

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  1. Is it better to grind weed to roll a back wood or break it down with fingers?
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  2. i used to use my fingers ,but arthritis made to hard to do so now use a grinder ,but i dont grind it so hard it turns to powder ,i just give the grinder a quick turn so its not ground up to much ,,,mac ,,
  3. There is satisfaction with breaking it up with your fingers... and licking the tips, but...
    nothing beats a grinder.
  4. Seems you get more of a high out of the weed the smaller its grown down into a powder .
    But powder doesn't roll or smoke that good in a joint .
  5. a grinder costs 10€... just buy one, your weed will break down more quickly and smoke better
  6. I guess it depends how much time you have. Were going to get it regardless right? Lol.

    Personally I don't like having my fingers all caked with crystal, i'd rather smoke that, so i use a buster and lift using a card or something. I don't touch my buds if at all possible, i smoke'em.
  7. Lots of grinders around but this one has been with me from high-school. It's super old and my go-to.

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  8. Hit the dance floor and grind it up, hands and herbs stay clean.
  9. And then there’s this to consider;
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  10. I bought a nice grinder recently, but since I mostly smoke very small amounts in a pipe or vaporizer, it's not useful for me. I'll keep it around in case I have company, and need to roll some up quickly.
  11. whenever i’m smoking blunts i prefer to break up my bud but joints i use a grinder
  12. Depends on the grinder IMO I have had grinders that are way to fine to roll anything with properly but you can find one that is a happy medium

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  13. I prefer a grinder since I use various pipes. It packs much better and lasts longer that way from my experience. And you get a better high as well.

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