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Grinded weed - Hand broken

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by l StayHigh l, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. hahahaha to 13th relic. get a cheap wood one
  2. Ohh im not complaining i love my sharpstone grinder and smiking, just not outta papers.:bongin:
  3. WOW
    i just got a grinder yesterday
    and my first time using the grinder

    i packed a bowl and my lungs were on fire
    i ended up finishing the bowl 10 mins after i hit it first just b.c i felt so burnt out

    but the whole more surface area in the bowl from the grinder does make sense
  4. dont grind it as much and take slower progressive hits
  5. your probably just burning the weed too much too hot, cherry it and let it do its business and because your not busting it with your fingers, it's not tasting the best because the trichromes are mixed well and not on the outside of the buds
  6. Ohh yeah ya dont wanna get a huge gigantic cherry burning on top and fill the whole bong with that deep smoke, you will loose your lungs. Hit it soft and gentle so the smoke swirls, when you think you have almost half a hit, slide it then (with ice in the tube if possible - it will cool the smoke) if ya need more put it back in just beware. Ya wanna be able to smoke the bong/bowl without lighting every hit, hit it jst enough to slowly hit. Good luck and enjoy your new venture. Peace.
  7. Thats exactly what it is. Tastes horrible. And the taste feels like it sticks to your tongue. Disgusting
  8. Yes it tastses like stale smoke + resin. bleghh
  9. thats what i do. i have a double-shot glass and these utility scissors that just reach the bottom of the glass. the weed never flies out, because the glass is so tall.
  10. then obviously you have never smoked crystal meth. hah but i really like the yellow smoke which is why i enjoy ripping steamrollers but i can see where you are coming from. i also agree on the grinder thing, it has prevented me from getting a grinder. no point when i can just break up the bud with my fingers and it tastes better

  11. DUDE I Have a bomb ass grinder just dont grind it up too much. See when the buds are grinded up TOO small they will burn easier this being said the bud is part of a plant but the THC/Cannabonoids are not INSIDE THE PLANT but on the outside by the trichs. So if you grinded up TOO fine then it will burn EVErything so the harshness is coming from the plant matter and not just the outside parts. If you smoke with the right sized grinded up weed then you should not have this problem.
  12. Either way what ever the cause is I always stick to 1 peace grinders, sure the keef is handy sometimes and gets you banged out like crazy, but i just grind twist and smoke, its simple and fast, but i doubt its your grinder man, just keep an eye
  13. Thats not even one bit true, trichomes and THC and other cannabinoid are all over the plant, NOT just on the surface, its on the inside too.
  14. I don't know what you're talking about but I love finely ground bud. Hits so rich.
  15. I know exactly what you are talking about. The solution to the nasty taste while keeping the ease (and keif production) of the grinder, is to load smaller bowls. The nasty taste is the bowl turning to ass, so smoke it all in one go and problem solved :smoke:

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