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Grinded weed - Hand broken

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by l StayHigh l, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. I own a very nice + sharp 50 dollar 4 piece grinder, and it grinds my buds up into extremely small pieces, almost keef like sometimes

    Taking bong hits of any weed i break up in the grinder seem to be harsh, milk up way more yellow, and just taste horrible.

    Now if you break up the bud with your fingers, it comes out way smoother and has a great weed taste with the exhale.

    Kinda makes me not want to use my grinder sometimes =[

    Anyone else notice this? I strictly take bong hits usually.
  2. the finer ground up your weed is the more smoke it creates so maby dont torch it as much when you use your grinder
  3. dont grind it up so much. or get a new grinder.
  4. use the grinder for blunts n joints but use your fingers for bongs n bowls
  5. If you get a rounded peg, wooden one...which are typically maaaaad cheap...they'll work wonders for pieces. They tend to tear, rip, and shred the weed as opposed to grinding it up. I have two..a space case..for my daily string of blunts...and a wooden one for the occasional piece sesh.
  6. The only thing I can think of is that when you grind the weed up it grinds it much finer than if you were using your fingers. So if you load the bowl with ground up weed from the grinder you may be putting more in the bowl than if you were breaking up the pieces with you fingers. So pretty much just make sure you are using the same amount of ganja per bowl and see if it still happens. Also there is more surface area to the more finely ground up weed.
  7. Just try throwing it into the grinder for 2 or 3 good twists and taking a look at it? Just see how many twists you need generally before you reach your desired consistency. Otherwise, you could always get a secondary, cheaper grinder that doesn't grind it too fine.
  8. when you use a grinder

    spark it and pull the lighter away(it'll stay cherry)
    don't pull as hard because the smoke is a higher concentration hence harsher
    smaller pulls burn more weed

    since i dont use a screen sometimes i hand pick a mini-bud(slightly smaller diameter of a cigarette) to put at the bottom so it doesn't pull unsmoked weed through because you said it gets almost keiflike it might do that
  9. u can control the consistency of the chronic... it is obvious that youre holes aren't letting the weed fall through until its super ground up so just stop early and knock out if out the top when its straight...

    i had a sharpstone it was pretty money i usually like my shit finely ground thoug so i would grind it upside down so it couldnt fall through and it would get very finely ground
  10. ^this
  11. When I first started to really get into smoking I bought a 3 tier grinder. I used it every time I smoked no matter what means I was using to consume. When smoking a piece with any kind of bowl I usually put a small nug at the bottom to help combat pull through and would usually just pile the ground herb on top.

    The trick to use when smoking out of a piece, rather it be a bowl, bong, bubbler, or what have you, is to pull slow and long. Milk that shit. That way you have a nice constant burn, more buildup and the slower pull just gives the smoke a little extra time to cool off. Your lungs will thank you.

    Also when sharing a piece with a friend or numerous friends the slower pull helps with keeping a nice consistent corner. That helps ensure that you can get more green hits out of it, because instead of pulling a big hard one which will just torch the top layer, you can control the burn more. Which is just proper smoking etiquette.
  12. What he said. If the grinder is grinding it too much, then grind it less :D
  13. Dont grind it so fine. Grind less.
    I find breaking up by hand, the larger chunks are harsh and burn like shit, makes it difficult to cherry and cash the whole bowl. 2 piece grinders are nice because you can control how fine it comes out, thats the only thing i like about 2 pieces..and that you dont have to worry about turning keif upside down.
  14. If you got a cheap grinder, there's a chance you're getting shards of aluminum in your smoke or bits of whatever coat they covered it in. This will destroy the taste and could explain the 'yellow smoke' effect.

    Do not smoke aluminum...very bad.
  15. No. That nasty, spine tingling yellow smoke is caused by taking such a large hit so fast, its really because the water can only filter so much volume at a time, so when the smoke isnt filtered thrugh the water properly while being condensed(bong hits always condense the thick smoke), it becomes stale almost. The taste of that fresh[or should i say stale], yellow smoke is literally the worst taste i have ever tasted. EVER.
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    Eat Your Weed (But not out of the bong). Then you can grind it as much as you want. and it will still taste like Diesel chocolate chip banana pancakes...or cinnamon hazelnut rolls with Silver Haze frosting...

    I'll be back in a bit...i'm hungry.
  17. Honestly, my boyfriends technique was really good and I usually don't give him credit for this but.. He took a shotglass after he had taken out stems and seeds what not in the weed, and put it in there and chopped it up with scissors and it was just as good as a grinder if not better, and if you put your hand over it while doing it, it doesn't fly anywhere!

    smart and money saver ;)
  18. my best guess is its because the sweet keif is getting ground off. Papers are my least favorite method of smoking and i must side with the long slow draw method, it works for me. Hell sometimes when the bong is empty and I'm to lazy to get up i wont even use water, just dry smoke and watch it swirl like a tornado, but to not lose your lungs it takes practice. Ahh what a labor of love,lol.
  19. Kief sticks to your skin so every time you grind using your fingers you lose a bit of potency. That's not to say it's sacrilegious to grind with your fingers, but in my experience the way to get the nicest grind is with some nail scissors. They have to be 100% sterile, and there's a technique to getting your bud nice and finely ground up... but I think it is the best.

    If you're getting a nasty taste due to your grinder, the material probably is not the best.
  20. i hope you brought the papers
    you know i brought the tree

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