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Grinded vs hand broken weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blank1268, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. I would like to know what everyone prefers, I prefer hand broke weed because I feel like it burns longer and I use less.
  2. Same shit
  3. It's not the same.
  4. grinded but I prefer to use scissors and chop it up.
  5. except for one time i always use a grinder. the one time seemed like the weed was in clumps and didn't burn well.
  6. I always grind mine. but you do not use more bud than hand breaking it just seems that way but after grinding it it should look like more.
  7. you felt like it didn't burn as nice with hand broken weed?
    ANd how did you cut your weed with scissors
  8. scissors for me.
  9. It's not complicated lol

    [ame=]How to Cut Weed & Pack a Bowl Like a Pro - YouTube[/ame]
  10. Damn that looks like a nice bowl. I might just have to pack one with scissors now.
  11. You don't lose too much of the THC when using scissors like you do in the grinder, but you can always get some kief after a bunch of grinding, so I prefer that method personally.
  12. Do you lose THC breaking it up with your hands!?!?!
    Have I been breaking up my weed wrong for 5 years 0.0

  13. I swiped at my computer for 5 minutes thinking there was a damn bug in it because of your signature lmao. I always preferred breaking mine up by hand, just like the way my hands feel all sticky and shit afterwards.
  14. Nah you do use more cause when it's grounded up, its easier to smoke which makes it so you can take bigger hits, and when you take bigger hits you end up smoking it quicker
  15. Grinder for joints, Blunts and bowls is by hand depending on the weed.
  16. I pack the same amount, grinder or hand busted, makes no difference unless you have bad depth perception or something and pack mega bowls by accident.

    On topic, I prefer grinding because it burns more evenly/nice and you can pack a fatty snap without it messing up. I love my grinder. Plus I brush all the kief off my grinder and mix that with some bud. I'll maybe leave 1 nug alone from my whole stash just in case I need a nug plug for my bong/pipe, but that's about it.

  17. Nug Plug?
  18. I just packed a nice bowl with scissors Felt pretty nice going down
  19. Yeah so the weed doesn't pull through when its ground up, its actually really helpful in a bong (if you don't have a screen)
  20. So like when your taking a hit your green doesn't go into the water? But Back da fuck up doesn't that mean you have to smoke the nug to

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