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Grind your bud, or break it up?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NebDro, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. When you are smoking out of a piece, like a spoon, what do you guys like to do? I grind it, for better burn consistency:smoke:
  2. No matter what I'm using the bud for, I grind it.
  3. for a piece I just pick a bud into like 3-4 smaller bits
  4. i love the game of tearing the bud up, but i got a new grinder not long ago and there hasn't been any turning back.

    half the time i still tear it up by hand, though. i get much more satisfaction when i'm breakin that sticky down with my bare hands, it's like we're getting to know each other before it melts my face. :wave:
  5. Idk why but I really love the shot glass and scissors method myself
  6. I usually grind up most, but I like to leave some nugs unground to act like a screen in my chillum.
  7. Grind it always. Sometimes if Im just taking a few hits from a small nug, ill just use my hands.
  8. Break it up for bowls, pretty fine. I love packing the weed when its broken up fine and never having to light it more than once.
  9. I always grind when I'm rolling, its just easier. But if I'm packing a bong ill break it into smaller nugs with my hands, as it tends to fall through if I grind it. As for a spoon I only just got mine today so ill have to get back to you on that one :p
  10. I always just use my hands. I don't like my bud to be super fine. I like my bowls to be just a little chunky. Imo it burns way slower and it's just my personal preference. I only use my grinder if i want to smoke some kief or if i'm making edibles.
  11. My sharpstone is one of my favorite weed investments. I always grind, plus none of my dealers ever have bags anyways so it beats carrying my chron around in a napkin.
  12. scissors every time.
  13. I grind, and then I put it into my keif box to clean stems out and siphon out more kief.
  14. I used to use scissors before, but I got tired of that so I bought a grinder, and I use it all the the damn time now.
  15. I use a grinder for my launch box and to get yummy kiefage.
  16. only 3 gram nuggets for the king
  17. I don't have a grinder so I just use my fingers to break up my bud. I can usually get it pretty nicely ground/broken up.
  18. Your skin easily absorbs THC, so the less you actually touch your stash the better, you can get a grinder that will get the job done for like 15$ bucks usually.

  19. Yea, but i mean its probably only in trace amounts though, so you may not notice it...but all that kief on your skin builds up over time;)
  20. Depends one the smoking technique.

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