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grind, chop, or pick apart your bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by A87, May 9, 2011.

  1. Yeah it seems like the loss of kief would be negligible anyway, I'm not sure though

  2. lol i see. i thought you meant light it on fire so it breaks off into smaller pieces or something. that's cool whatever works for ya bro ;)
  3. I use to throw a nug into a shotglass and chop it up with scissors. But a grinder is much more convenient.
  4. i love pulling apart a nice fresh, great smelling nug way more than throwing it in the grinder. Even if im breaking up a gram for a joint, i still like using my hands.
  5. Grinder! As stated, kief is a huge plus. But evenly ground weed maximizes surface area to be heated of thc, causes joints and cherries to burn more evenly and predictably, and self contained so less of a worry of spillage. Snoop only uses his hands though, and he's cooler than me.

    But dang, kief is soo worth the 15-40 bucks.
  6. Generally pick apart cause I smoke snaps normally. But for a blunt or joint ya I'll grind.
  7. I agree with this shit, I only use my fingers.

    The only time I even considered anything else was when I broke up a half ounce of mids all at once..
  8. @swiftwaterz: you got me everyone does have their own preference.. But all I'm saying is it seems tougher to smoke that way..
  9. i usualy just shove a chunk in my bowl, or pick it apart for joints. though i do have chunky-ass joints sometimes :p

  10. not tryin to tell u how to smoke but break up ur weed and put it in a bowl. you'll notice it burns wayy better bro
  11. [ame=""][/ame]

    Nah, I usually just rip out the stems as best I can, then use scissors to get it a little finer. This makes my spoon which fits .3 ground up herb use only .1 loosely cut to make a well filled bowl. Low tolerance makes me happy, can't wait till I can order a MFLB:hello:
  12. If you use something bigger than a shot glass, or nothing, the weed doesnt all get cut by the scissors, itll just move away from them and not get cut.

    The shot glass contains it in a small area so the bud has no where to go but between the blades, try using a regular cup rather than a shot glass and youll see what I mean.
  13. Grinder For Joints,Blunts,Bowls
    Everything Basically :)
  14. The shot glass is for your grass chap - I personally use scissors, always have, a bit old school but they get it finer :smoke:

  15. Grinder for dry bud
    Scissors for wet bud
  16. Grinder for when making edibles, hands for anything else. Idk why, I just love taking it apart.
  17. sticky scissors ha ha

  18. o you mean dont break it down just smoke the whole nug
  19. Use my grinder or break it apart when i don't have it with me.
  20. Whats wrong with smoking it as a nug? Does it waste weed? Because i just put nugs in my bowl if i put broken apart weed it just falls through the hole.

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