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grind, chop, or pick apart your bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by A87, May 9, 2011.

  1. hey guys, just wondering everyone's preferred way getting their bud into smaller pieces. i don't have a grinder yet, so i usually use a dinner knife to cut the bud into little pieces.

    first of all, does it matter whether you grind it, cut it, or pick it with your hands? and if so, what's the best way?

    also, what affect does the particle size have? i mean finer or coarser

    my dealer said picking it apart with your fingers is the best way, but it's kind of a hassle. and my dank is sticky as hell lol
  2. yeah a grinder is the most convenient if u have one (i dont) and it works well but if u dont have one hold the bud between finger and thumb and cut that shit with scissors works pretty well
  3. i burn it apart there's nothing more epic then a huge flaming nug. you emoty a grinder nad it looks like birdfood or something lol
  4. Before I had a grinder I just picked it apart by hand, I'm so over that shit
  5. i use my fingers and my fingers only. gotta be all natural. dont want no metal clankin up my herb. and if your fingers arent sticky, then the buds gotta be iffy.
  6. lol..
  7. try scissors and a shot glass. i use a grinder though.
  8. I use scissors and a shot glass as well. I suppose a grinder would probably be easier but I already have the scissors and shot glass so I'm good :)
  9. Grinder, gotta save that kief.
  10. wha:confused::confused:

  11. exactly what i thought haha
  12. what is the shot glass and scissor method? I can pretty much guess you'd use the scissors for cutting, but what is the shot glass used for?

  13. lol right? i really hope he was kidding lol
  14. really? i mean i dont pick apart anything i mean why would you mess it? its smokeable when you get it just stuff it in n get high
  15. a pill bottle and a pair of scissors gets the job done..i lost my bob marley grinder ;(

  16. are u being serious?
  17. ^^^nuh uh, it doesn't burn right
  18. You can cut up the bud while it is inside the shotglass, this way some of the kief flying off the buds will stick to the glass instead of being lost. Thats the way I see it at least

  19. Yeah this seems most logical but I never really understood the point either haha
  20. maybe you dont like the way it burns but i do :smoking:

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