grim british weather

Discussion in 'General' started by uncle-dutch, May 27, 2003.

  1. may be its just me, or does any body els fill that here in the uk we are sun starved,when we do have some it never lasts more than a few days, it realy is grim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. yup, just be thankfull you dont live in Orkney or Sheltand!

    i think we get it even worse... i suppose its lucky that we get more hours of potential sunlight throught the "summer".
  3. yes but at least in the shetlands its quiet and you could grow weed with out hassle
  4. i think some of the best british weather in down in cornwall where i go surfing every summer, roll on those gnarly summer days!
  5. i had nothing to do with it
  6. yeah!!! 23 degrees in London...........wohoooo...........we'll be lucky if reaches 10 up what's that???...........Peace out...........Sid
  7. its a miracle the last two days here in surrey have been glorious, i take it back what i said about the weather
  8. i think it was grim grin's fault.

    he posts with a guilty concience and the weather gets better...


  9. yeah we should start worshiping grim grim
  10. *digit dances around the campfire chanting*

    yamayamayamayamayamayamayaaaaaaaama yamayamayamayamayamayamayaaaaaaaama yamayamayamayamayamayamayaaaaaaaama yamayamayamayamayamayamayaaaaaaaama


  11. uncle dutch, you live in surrey??

    i live in hampshire! and i used to go to reigate college in surrey. coolness.

    back on topic though.. the weather aint always that bad! lately it's been really hot out. only a gentle breeze to stop your brain from overheating :D
  12. i got cousins who are in surrey... guilford... not far from the spectrum center (if it still exists).


    deltanine,,, what r u doing still up @ this time?
    i thought i was the only nocternal UK blade.
  13. i live in guildford i know the spectrum centre well, its a nice place to live
  14. i'm very nocturnal. i slept until 10pm today.

    that's wgat happens when you finish college and milk from your parents :D
  15. the rains back i knew the sun wouldnt last and i got to work tomorrow

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