Grilling--- A summer time favorite!

Discussion in 'General' started by AimedForDeath, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. Who else here likes to grill meats and such? I love it! it's so nice to stand outside with a huge grill, and make some hamburgers, or steak, or BBQ ribs while smoking a blunt/J. I just got done grilling and it's an amazing combo, here's a little thing I just threw together, if you want somthing while your stoned, and you like cheese burgers, you'll love this.

    Make how ever many small hamburgers you want (thin ones). Put seasoned salt, garlic powder, onion powder, pepper, and what ever else you want on them (I use some other spices too). Go cook those on a grill. Then, make a grilled cheese for every burger you made, cook both sides of it seperate and put LOTS of cheese on it. Put the hamburger between the grilled cheese, add ketchup if needed. It's an amazing meal.

  2. wow that sounds good...havent tried cookin on grill while smokin a blunt yet...mayb this summer i will once nobodies home during the day... i have cooked burgers & steaks before when i was blazed...pretty easy and seemed like the food cooked in a matter of minutes... i like to as well throw tons of spices and seasoning on steak and burgers, and i butter the sides of the buns so they are sooo good.... try that too
  3. Me and buddy grill all the time during summer, especially when we go up to Wisconsin for a week. He makes damn good burgers and we're both good at brats/sausages. You gotta buy Krunchers chips for a side; they're the fuckin greatest chips ever. Combined with a fatty and a beer or a Pepsi (Coke is too rusty tasting for me)... one of my favorite meals.

    A good salad goes along great, too... just some lettuce, onions, carrots, maybe tomatos or a little chicken with some ranch... excellent stuff.

    I invented this dessert... I like it alot after a big grilled meal and being stoned helps the taste haha...

    Take a bunch of your favorite fruits (I usally use strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, bananas, and sometimes pinapple) and take 1 or 2 containers of Yoplait blueberry yogurt (depending on how big it is) and just dump 'em in a bowl and stir. Make sure NOT to have too much yogurt in there... it'll make it pretty gross. Otherwise, you're good to go in about 3 minutes.

    edit: I forgot about steaks! I'm good at those too... gotta have lots of pepper and some A1 sauce...
  4. wat r Krunchers chips??? im from Mass and havent herd of em or even seen em anywher
  5. Haha, that all sounds good, but isn't that just yogurt with a lot of fruit in it? :D;). Floydian's (he's been away since his computer is broke, he'll be back on here soon) dad is the best brat cook EVER. They are amazing. I am real good at cooking ribs, steak, and burgers.. and my pops is even better at cooking shit on the grill. Tonight he's making a HUGE apple smoked prime rib in our smoker, hot damn!

  6. That will be my summer job :)

    Though I can't be smoking while I cook though becuase I will be working a for a small catering service. Though that means I will have a lot of money for the herbbb
  7. i fucking love grilling. i can't wait for summer!
  8. Lucky, I'd love to have that as a job. I am just HOPING to get a job at Arby's. I turned in my app. a couple days ago, they haven't opened yet. The guy said he'd be making calls this upcoming week. *Crosses fingers*

  9. I recently quit my job as short-order cook. I'm looking forward to plenty of grilling this summer, now that I know how.

    I might even use my test-tube vape while I'm cooking, it needs a hotter flame than a lighter to work properly.
  10. Damn straight. It's delicious.

    Krunchers chips are just like kettle cooked chips that only have have salt and potato oil. Also delicious.

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