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  1. just discovered this guy for the first time the other day seeing him live at an atmopshere concert in NYC, he was fucking doooope live, heres his new single,

    and heres another good one by him

    [ame=]YouTube - Grieves - Scar Gardens[/ame]

    watchu guys think of him? oh, and the first song, even though i still think its ill, is 1000x better when your drunk and listening to it with crazy bass
  2. Haven't even listened to the whole song yet, and I'm a believer. I will be copping his music, good looks man, good looks.

  3. word he's mad young, great addition to the rhymesayers label

    EDIT: ahhhhh good looks i just got my fourth bar =] id give u rep back but idk how

  4. Definitely got that Rhymesayers vibe for sure, true music.

    You hit the thing in the top right of the post that looks like one of those things that generally weighs food, or whatever the fuck it is. That's how you give rep...but it isn't a big deal. Thanks for the music
  5. Bringing this thread back.

    His new album drops in a week. I'm incredibly stoked. Since I heard him in early 2008, he's been my favorite. He's got some amazing lyrical talent. Very poetic and smooth.

    [ame=]YouTube - ‪Grieves - Bloody Poetry‬‏[/ame]

    A new song from the album. It's definitely amazing to watch an artist come from nothing. I'm glad after 3 years he landed on Rhymesayers. It's definitely the best place for him.
  6. i got to meet Grieves (as well as many other Rhymesayers like Eyedea (RIP), POS, Brother Ali, Slug, etc. etc.) in 2010. they're all dope ass people, although Slug is kinda conceited and an asshole haha.
  7. Nice. I got to meet him when he did his tour with Mac Lethal in 2008. He was pretty chill and Mac Lethal was a funny dude. They played a tiny ass venue that Winter and because of a blizzard only like 30 people showed. It was awesome.

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