Gridded things (inlines, showerheads etc) GLassmansdoll or SSFG

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    SO I got quotes on a gridded inline from Ray, and from Angelica, I was just wondering who you think I should get to make it. Ray hasnt made one before but says can do it. It should be about 45-60 holes when finished. Its going on a luke wilson beaker with 10 arm mini downstem.

    Anyone have a gridded anything from GMD. Post milks anything.

    Thanks :)
  2. That iooks crazy an inline gridded would be ridiculous right?
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    [ame=]YouTube - OGW/GMD 10" Mini Stemless Waffle Bubbler[/ame]
    [ame=]YouTube - Mash Mixer[/ame]
    [ame=]YouTube - US Tubes and Glassmansdoll[/ame]
    [ame=]YouTube - 6-arm milk-card christening day 5.26.10.avi[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - tiny ash catcher milk[/ame]!
  4. I think i might go with ssfg on the gridded inline. good choice?

    Or should I get a 8 arm toro swiss from a friend for 100?
  5. idk what you mean by gridded inline. is that like a inline but instead of slits or holes there's gridding then that would be cool. i can't speak for gmd, but i have a ssfg custom blown inline ashcather (slits not holes) with a chubler arm. (so it's basicly an inline bubbler.) but i love that thing. very little drag and it rips. :smoke::smoke::smoke::D

    athough if he's never done a gridded before who knows how it'll turn out. :confused:
  6. Ray has never made anything gridded should I avoid it? Ahh descisons where is everyone?

    Or am I crazy for even thinking gridding an SSFG inline a/c?
  7. 100 is an insane price for a toro swiss 8 arm. I'd do that for sure.
  8. Its there normal inline but the inline slits are gridded so one slit has like 3 mini slits. So like there will be about 50 mini slits when done.
  9. but im not quite sure the toro will fit, I have a luke wilson with the 10 arm mini downstem. im worried that the downstem part that goes from 29-18 will hit the can of the toro making the purchase worthlesss. Anyone have a gridded inline?
  10. if it's a freind selling it, ask him if you can see if it fits before you buy it. if it does. get it, if it doesn't i'd say the ssfg with the gridded slits would be sweet. if it was done right that is. it might add the slightest bit of drag but based on how mine is i don't think i'd be alot, if any.
  11. He lives four hours away lol.
  12. He lives four hours away lol.
  13. hmmmmmmm. idk then. haha:smoke:
  14. Ray is making me a gridded one right now and i should have it by next weekend so i'll report back when I get it. I can vouch that his inlines are top notch no doubt though as i had a slitted one and it ripped like no other.

  15. Lol I wa the first one to get him to make one like that getting here prolly tomorrow

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