Gridded stemline bubbler hybrid

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  1. Bought this today it's my first bong or anything similar to a bong I've ever had hand blown by a family in my town and purchased from their store. It's official label is a Gridded stemline bubbler hybrid. The bowl hole is a little big so my snaps have a little green in them. I Paid 110 but they were asking 135 soo yeah. she sold it to me so cheap cause it has a 14mm joint instead of 18 but i dont care:D.

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  2. Edit: for some reason the first two pictures are tiny but the last one gives a good prespective
  3. SSFG. Some nice glass for a great price. How does it rip?
  4. It rips alright a little rough if i milk it but thats to be expected with a little piece like that. It has very little drag kindof purrs instead of bubbles more of a purrer than a bubbler i guess. But yes SSFG is the shittt. I encourage everyone to go to and order some sick custom glass. You spend anytime in boone town Papa?
  5. I have not. SSFG is already a pretty big name here on GC which is why I've heard of them. I actually almost purchased this same piece. Enjoy it man!
  6. Oh very interesting i wasn't aware that they were popular like that. I went to the actual store a very nice family I'm proud to have in my community and now in my smoking arsenal :D
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    Got the same piece, its pretty wicked. And yeah their customer service is top notch.
  8. i wanted that piece pretty bad but i have a beaker bottom around the same size.
    i would love to add a Boone, NC piece to my collection...
    but i cant force myself to purchase it.

    nice pickup OP.
  9. AS soon as my funds allow it this piece shall also be mine. :)
  10. Personally ssfg is only nice price wise, apix shits on them, and not much more expensive. Ssfg is for traveling not for your daily driver.
  11. I haven't seen Dan do any worked sections like Ray.

    They're both very good companies. But dan focuses on stemlines and the such, so his probably are a bit nicer, but i definitely wouldn't say that he shits on ssfg.
  12. Like I said, you're comparing a traveling tube to a daily driver, it has nothing to do with quality because they're both good imo, but to me they serve different purposes. Apix wins when it comes to being a daily driver
  13. Their website may make it out that they only have travel pieces but if you go to their actual store location they have plenty of daily drivers. stemlines with tree and disc percs not to mention their oil rigs. Also right now their website is wiped clean and they are starting to produce many more pieces for the site. atleast thats the word.
  14. nice pickup
  15. Im talking specifically about your pick up as being more of a travel piece, I'm not THAT familiar with ssfg:)
  16. Oh i gotcha dude you're totally right it is more of a portable piece.
  17. :D I feel like sometimes I come off as rude even though I don't intend to be, sorry if I did!
  18. Haha i feel the same way a lot of the time like poeple think i'm a huge dick but i mean no dickery its all good man.
  19. Well obviously whenever you say one high quality glass maker shits on another high quality glass maker it is going to come off as both stupid and rude. No offense.
  20. None taken. I know you're not trying to be rude.

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