Gridded showerhead bubbler

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    I'm looking for a gridded showerhead bubbler similar to the drawing I attached to give a better explanation. I think the bubbler that comes closest to my drawing would be the Mobius Ion Bubbler but that is out of my price range (most I can pay is $200). I was looking into apix design but dan told me he isn't making any bubblers at the moment. I was also looking into de-fi glass but I can't seem to find any LHS in SoCal that carries their glass. So I wanted to ask you guys if you knew any glass company that makes gridded bubblers or someone that can blow me one with my specification. All suggestions welcome, thanks in advance!
    Apix Design:


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  2. seed of life on alt does...its not a showerhead but its lace perc and its similar...actually their showerhead bubblers are gridded too i believe. or EFS donut pieces..
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    I just checked @TL and this is similar to what I've been looking for, I will research more about them thanks! EFS donut is a tube though am i correct?
  4. coool bubbler man
  5. what? that's not my bubbler lol, im looking to find a bubbler similar to it. Someone please help!
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    Tree house glass has almost exactly what you want

    Edit: good quality glass too
  7. Speaking of Treehouse...
  8. U shud just buy a 2013bc gridded circ ashcatcher and a j hook

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  9. Damn that stacks really high! Nice piece :D
  10. Thanks for the help everyone! I will most def look into treehouse and BC. I know bubble stackage isn't what makes a piece good but im looking for a bubbler that can stacks the whole can while i take a hit like the de-fi one i showed. Does anyone know why/how de-fi and apix bubbler stacks more than the other two? is it the way the perc is designed?
  11. water levels, and when you just dry hit a piece it stacks a lot high, unless you milk it yellow and pull hard then it stacks really high.

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