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  1. Hey GC!
    I'm doing this experiment with one plant from bagseed.
    I planted it yesterday, germinated and all, and it seems to be doing fine! :D
    It looks like it's about to shoot out, because i can already see the first two lil' leafs, :hippie:

    The main idea of this, was given to me by my mom, :)
    I have a tomato garden, and i've taken one germinated bagseed, and planted it next to one of my tomato plants.
    Once the marijuana plant starts to grow, and get bigger, i'll wrap the stem around the tomato plant, just like my mom used to do.
    The tomato, once it buds, covers the scent of weed, (skunk sprays you, you soak in tomato juice to get rid of the smell)
    I gave my friend this idea last year, and he had 4 plants, and got a very good amount of weed.
    I cannot LST the plant, but i CAN top it.
    It's mainly an experiment, but my mom always had luck with it, but then again, she had been growing since fourteen.
    I'll keep you guys updated as much as i can!

    Here is a picture of the lil' sprout. :)

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    By the way,
    I'm going to be gone for 7 days, (at the beach)
    So, i won't be able to update, but my mom is going to be taking care of her. :)
    I'll update as soon as i get home!

    Farewell, fellow blazers!
    Be back soon!
  3. Good luck with your first grow. Do lots and lots of research and put together some good soil
  4. What is the expected outcome of the experiment? A better way to grow? Increase THC production? Tomatoes that get you high?
  5. No, mainly stealth.

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