Grey reputation?

Discussion in 'General' started by TranceKid, May 4, 2011.

  1. What the hell is this grey reputation? So I get reputation and it's not green...but its reputation....but it doesn't add any bars....but I've been helpful....but doesn't count for crap. :bongin:
  2. The rep system is complicated and depends on several factors, just keep helping people and the green will come!

  3. It should be....Helpful -> Green + REP. Not helpful -> no rep or grey crap.
  4. New members with low rep can't give rep until they get enough rep. Until then it's gray.
  5. It's purple not grey.
  6. Looks grey to me bro...:cool:
  7. So if only those members with light green bars can give positive rep... Then how did the first members ever make it to the stage where they could actually hand out rep? Wouldn't they just be handing each other grey rep the entire time? :eek:

    Or does grey rep still give 'points'?
  8. [​IMG]


    It's a lillacy purple.
  9. Seriously! Its like...if a new cell comes from a pre-existing cell....then where did the first cell come from?!:D
  10. Only those around that time know I guess.

    But it's a formula. You need x amount of posts, x amount of rep and need to be a member for x amount of time for your rep to be green.
  11. it's purple, but it really looks grey
  12. [​IMG]
  13. It's purple as fuck. You stop giving it when you have a green bar and at least 500 posts to your name.

  14. Use the word "but" more.
  15. It's purple. Trust the lady. She's knows her way around these parts. :D
  16. you do get points somehow - I noticed that the other day when I was checking something but didn't know what they were for or from. so I guess when those add up. I didn't even understand that at all anotherr site I'm on you can give karma or helpfulness points but it more obvious how to do it. Are they the little icons next to the Quote? i haven't figured those out yet. thanks
  17. I think it's grey too!

    Why would neutral rep be purple...grey seems to be pretty neutral.

    If black symbolizes evil and white symbolizes good, then grey is neutral!:cool:

    (I'm not racist, I didn't make up the symbolism)
  18. That rep is of a blue variety.
  19. I thought we ended this debate years ago by agreeing to call it grurple or grayple

  20. I second this.

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