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GREY KUSH - indica

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by h4rk4t, May 10, 2006.

  1. Hello city,
    So i have a question that has been botthhering me so damn much...
    Has ANYONE herd of the 'grey kush' or maybe its 'gray, grey'...w/e its spelled like.. But ya i have someone selling me some of it and i was trying to find info about it first but there is no where with any info...maybe i was told the incorect name...
    But i know its an indica...part of the kush family....
    Anyone know anythin or any links?
    THANKYOU soooo much to all that provide info :)

  2. There is one better. Super silver haze
  3. yes i know that.........
    But i wasnt asking for what is better woundering on the quality (shwag, meds, high, etccc) or any links leading to it perhapss.....anyone??
  4. Oh... this shit is top drawer. I mean, it can always be grown badly. But assuming it' sgrown well this grey kush should fuck you up. I've had some good kush in my day.
  5. No way for realll? Like you mean white widdow quality?
  6. I've heard of kush but never grey kush

    it should be good, if it's real kush
  7. Nvm everyone i missheard him....apparently it is grape kush.
    Is grape kush anygood?
  8. any kush is good
  9. Grape Kush I've had! That shit is delicious!!! Definetly white widow quality genetics, all depends on the original growers but it should be top drawer stuff.
  10. that strain of purple bud is called RUSSIAN MACROS:smoking:
  11. Hey Choof Paint, Smoke Weed Take Dexis And Inhale Ambi Pur Through A Folded Towel....................................but Most Of All Take Drugs 06
  12. i had a strain from the Grey Area-a coffee shop in A'dam-called grey mist and it was off the chain.. excellent quality. and devestating affects... and The Grey Area has a reputation for one of the best coffee shops in the Dam, and its the only one owned and operated by americans... we succeed in everything.... joke
  13. ohhh sweeeet! Thanks alot guyz
  14. this just got me thinking. is there actually a correct way to spell Gray/Grey? or is either one acceptable?
  15. ahhahah dude ya me to...i wounder.....i have no clue @_@
  16. In amsterdam, its "The GREY AREA", just for the record... everything seemed crazy in a'dam to me-under the influence of strong drugs...

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