Grey goose vodka?

Discussion in 'General' started by catpuchino, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. I didnt know what forum to put this in so here it goes. Im not usually a fan of alcohol but yesterday i got a 750 ml grey goose and im wondering if theres a better vodka then grey goose because it doesnt taste very good ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391883870.536110.jpg

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    Get Ciroc. I am not a fan of hard, (have had alcohol poisoining too many times) but my friend swears by it.
  3. Two words. "Dark Liquor" 
  4. pure russian is always, always the best but for store bought vodka i would suggest you russian standard or silent sam
  5. Goose and ciroc are pretty much as good as it gets.. You gotta acquire a taste for alcohol
  6. I like pinnacle vodka. Its cheap at like $12 for 750ml and mixes good and the shots aren't bad.
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    lol, during my alcoholic days i stayed loose off that goose as we put it... taste way better than bottom shelf vodka but if you dont ridiculously overinduldge it doesnt come with the headaches and hangovers as the same amount of cheap vodka like Tokka, Burnett's or Smirnoff would give you, much cleaner drunk feeling
  8. depends on what kind of flavor profiles you enjoy, vodka might not be the best liquor for you.
  9. Liquor tastes like shit. FACT.
    The more you drink it the more you get used to the flavor of shit. FACT
    Fuck it, man up and do a few shots. Just don't make that crinkle face and suck air....that will make you puke.
  10. All vodka tastes the same to me. If your into flavor profiles and stuff then you should get into beer. Lots of choices and you wont wake up naked on top of a mail box
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    Same. I could never really tell a difference between cheap vodka and 'good' vodka :confused_2: so if I drank vodka I drank the twelve buck a handle Skol :laughing:
  12. Fuck vodka.  Grey goose is the best though, but it still sucks, cuz it's vodka.
    go git yerself some whisky or gin
  13. I hate vodka, but grey goose is bomb. Way better than that bullshit called ciroc.

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  14. Captan Morgan and coke is good.

    Try mixing that grey goose with some Mountain Dew or squirt.

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  15. Grey Goose is very overrated, only 3 times distilled, average. People buy it cause of the nice bottle, pretty much.
    Try Chopin vodka.
  16. crystal head vodka, or my tommy gun vodka, maybe ill upload pics later.
  17. ciroc taste good and is great for mixing but all that added sugary syrup on top of the sugar in the liquor can fuck a stomach up, eat good(bread rice beans meat ect) before you fuck with that fruity shit
  18. couldnt of said it better, i hate vodka but goose beats ciroc anyday

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