grew a male. time for grow 2.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by newgrass, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. well, i started with 3 plants and one shitty light. 2 of them for the past like 2 weeks havnt grown at all so idk whats wrong there. the third one just termed out to be a male. so im guna scrap all 3 and start anew. the other day i picked up 10 CFL lights. each one gives off 1600 lumens. made a mistake and got all soft white ones=/. my question is if i have two different areas, how many plants could i grow in each, and how many lights should i have in each room? always wana have at least one plant in veg and flower.
  2. If i understand your question correctly your answer would be 100W per plant 50W each additional plant per room. CFL's can be up to 2-3 inches of the plant without burning.

    Just incase you dont know for vegging you want to have 6500k spectrum and for flowering 2700k spectrum.
  3. i was really asking what would the best amount of lights to put in each room so i could have the most plants growing in total. 10 CFL 23watt soft white. i know they arnt good for veg, but will they work at all?
  4. thats a total of 230 watts of shitty soft white bulbs,it might work in ideal conditions,but considering u dont really know what to do then id say it wont work
  5. Do some research bro, there's lots of good info on these threads. Read threads, google horticulture sites, etc. You might even get some totally new ideas.

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