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Grenco science best vape pen???

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by aw69, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Hey GC I currently have loved the reviews of the G pen and micro g pen and I was just wondering what's the difference and which I should get I did some research and the only thing I saw was that the micro g pen was supposed to be for single uses while the big g pen has a tank for more oil. The bigger g pen however u have to change the tank every 2 months and the micro comes with 2 for cheaper what should i do?? I'm tryin to order it tonight!
  2. Simple, if you just plan on using it alone most of the time, get the small one. If you plan to vape with friends often, the bigger one.
  3. Ya but I will mostly be using it with friends but if the tank runs out every 2 months and the micro g pen doesn't I'm thinkin just get that and refill it more but I need advice any personal users?
  4. I just purchased the (2) pack. Micro G's & holy shit, these little things are fuckin dope ! i pack wax, shatter, hash, oil, budder etc. I havent been dissapointed at all so far. Also dont go for the "cloud" vape. On the cloud you put your concentrates directly on the heating element and after a while the heating element gets coated in wax and oil. MicroG pen has a screen built in, it sits over the heating element so it vapes without directly touching your concentrates. Highly reccomend the microG. Peace !
  5. Can they do dry herb or is it just oil?
  6. just oil

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