Gregrowing Cab from 250 - 400 watt V.1 & V.2

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  1. So here is my cab.

    It started as a dual chamber veg and flowering cab, This lasted for the whole of 1 grow :rolleyes:.
    The total dimensions were:
    H: 1m W: 1.5m D: 0.8m

    Veg Cab: H: 1m W: 0.6m D: 0.8m
    Flowering: H: 1m W: 0.9m D: 0.8m

    I was using a 250watt in the flowering chamber with a cooltube reflector.

    Now I have flipped it on to its side and the new dimensions are:

    H: 1.5m W: 1m D: 0.8m

    I have upgraded to a 400watt light and I am still currently using a cooltube.

    I wont explain my whole setup as the pics speak for them self.

    To see pics of the flowering chamber please check my last grow in my sig.

    Pic 1: Old veg cab
    Pic 2: Cab Gutted
    Pics 3-7: New cab in the making

    The new improved cab spec:
    4inch Carbon filter
    4inch 200cfm fan
    5" 400watt Cooltube
    2 x 4inch passive intakes

    And Iv still got a few more bits to put back in to the box.

    Let me know what you think guys. :)

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  2. So Considering this thread is going to waste here I thought I would update it with some new pics of a smaller cab i knocked together out of an old cloth wardrobe.

    I would like to try and do a vertical scrog in one of these cabs at one point.

    This is unfinished but is fully light proof so far (without fans)

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