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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by xMDSx, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. Whats up GrassCity Forumers. My names Alex. I've searched the site and bought numerous pipes, bongs, screens, etc. but never knew you guys had forums (I guess I just didn't pay attention o.o), when I noticed the forum button on the site today, I immediately joined. Im 18, im a senior in highschool, I just got done dealing with a possession of marijuana and a possession of periphanilia (however you spell that), the judge dropped the possession of marijuana, and after 24 hours of community service, dropped the periphanilia charge to, I guess i lucked out hard. Im a regular smoker who enjoys his mary jane over anything else, except for shrooms. I usually tokeup everyday. Its about 30-40 U.S.D. for an ounce of midgrade here, so the weed is plentiful and easy to get. I live in the rich part of our town, where everybody frowns upon lawbreakers of any kind. I kinda feel out of place here x.x, Im also a person who excepts donations for my habits and donators are rewarded with a fresh bag as a thank you ^^. If you didnt get that last sentence, dont even bother xD. I dunno what else to say, but its nice to be here in this community :D

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Pothead,
  2. welcome to the city, I was arrested for possession too, it suuuuckeed :p

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