Greetins from south america

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Xualk Zoak, May 6, 2004.

  1. well im new here and hope to become a regular.

    Ill be posting pics from the usual stuff (my weed, myself, my pipes and joints, etc) :)

    so see ya on the forums!

    P.s. about my smoking habits , i smoke almost everyday on a small water pipe (imported from holland :p ) and what I smoke is what we call here "The red one" its a weed with a redish color, suposed to be the strongest weed in here :D

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  2. btw thats me in the pic and my avatar :p
  3. Hey, welcome to the city. Sounds like your smoking some good stuff, keep it coming.. :)
  4. Peru, eh? How's the bud down there? I'm half Peruvian btw, but I've never visited. I'd like to go there maybe this Winter or next summer.
  5. Welcome to the city of green!
  6. welcome to the city :)
  7. a pleasure to share :)

    heres the weed im using, its real good, gets u high as u toke and let the laughter begin ;)

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  8. also a look at what i use to smoke :D

    its kinda small but gives the right amount of pleasure hehe

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  9. oops seems like my pipe needs a cleaning :p
  10. BTW thanks to everyone on welcoming me :)

    see you around :D
  11. the pipe was a gift from my cousin he brougth it from Amsterdam :D very simple but highly efective ;)
  12. what city in peru u live in?
  13. Lima => Capital city :)

    weed is so cheap here :D
  14. unfortunatly, no :(

    in fact Mari jane is ilegal here :'(

    but once u find a good dealer (its kinda in a poor, dangerous zone, but once they know u u got free ticket to cheap weed)

    u see the same weed goes anywhere from 3 dollars to 20 or more depending where (and who) u buy from. but like i said i got good dealer wich sells me very good stuff cheap :D
  15. again just have to go to a cheap source.

    about 3 dollars for a gram, very good stuff, wont give u headache or anything on the next day ;)
  16. I got alot of family in nazca(sp?) do you know how the bud/coke is around there? Or cuzco(sp?) even?

  17. Woah really? cool :D

    Nazca is a town in Ica (south of Lima)
    Cuzco is very famous for Machu Picchu (Ancient Inca Citadel)and stuff.

    I think cuzco will be more expensive since theres so many turists (some of them just are there for the cheap drugs :p).
    Dunno about Nazca tho, ill say the price will be close to that of Lima.
  18. It's good to know we have stoners all over the globe. Supporting the same cause and enjoying life with a sweet green tint.
  19. damn that sounds ill prices lol
  20. i am higher than you!

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