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    Greetings all! My name is Ryan ... I go by Beau (Bo)... Always been a supporter of Cannabis since my discovery of the drug, even though I didnt have my first session till grade 10 and only indulged for a few months. My school slipped so I focused figured it wasnt the right time. Then when I turned 18 got my first full time job I met a friend that reintroduced me, She would always talk about a "higher state of consciousness" , "controlling your life with your mind" things like that, these things really stimulated my thought process as I have always been a spiritual person (baptized and rasied Christian till I was confirmed at 14 and decided to control my own faith), I took her advice and I started to experiement with the herb again and have been a bonified herbalist for 4 years now (Im 22 now) .

    I digress.... But yea! Been poking around the forums now for a few weeks and I really like the community that grasscity has built, very informative and entertaining. Looking forward to getting to know all the Brethren and Sistren on the site. Bless Up!

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