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  1. From the soon to be land of Cannabis. (hopefully)
    I've made a few posts on here but I thought I'd be formal........ Thats it really, time for a joint !
  2. HIGH UKstoner, glad to "meet" ya!! Hope ya'll's move toward legalization, or at least toleration goes well!! Every barrier removed against personal freedom is a step in OUR direction!! :wave: :smoking:
  3. welcome to the city buddy
  4. cheers lads, nice to be on board.
    You dont have much on the UK scene in Grasscity, do you think anyone would be interested if i posted a few paper clippings ? I would imagine that whatever happens over here in "Ole Blighty" would dramatically effect what happens in the US in the future. Just a thought anyhow.


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  5. That would be cool UK, SJ, our gracious Host here,often makes informative Global posts, and ANY info you post will be appreciated greatly!! :smoking: We all got to work together to FREE th HERB!!! :hello: :hippie:

    Waaaaay cool pic too!! :smoke:
  7. What about yaself my friend ?

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  8. just having a bud in the MIDLANDS

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