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  1. was just browsing the site as a visitor and thought what the hell, i might as well register. some of you may know who i am and some of you may not, but i must say that i am flattered by the reveiws my site has received here at grasscity. i am a canadian meduser who has been growing and using mj for a little over a year now. my government refuses to grant me a license to grow my own meds and it really bothers me because the mj helped me to stop taking some of the strongest perscription meds known to man. so screw the gov eh! happy growing. try to check in from time to time when i have time, which is almost never.hehe
  2. welcome to the city:D!
  3. Welcome to the city :D
  4. HIGH All, welcome to the City my's good to see you around other forums. Your site has helped many Blades and Bladies here at the City and so many other places and WE All would like to thank you.
  5. Welcome to a great big stoner family... :D I hope you enjoy it here. See you on the boards! :wave::wave:

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