Greetings to my fellow smokers, growers, en marijuana lovers

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  1. The more time I spent reading, touching, smelling, and growing, the more my admiration for the plant grows. And I've been spending a lott of time reading on many forums online. I have to confess that 10 minutes ago i tried to sign up on a forum in my language, since english is'nt, but that did'nt go so well, and then I landed on this forum. So my appologies for the grammar faults, and my bad English, but at least give me some points for effort. Greetingz
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  2. Welcome to GC!
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  3. Thank You Memory_Camp!
  4. If you had not said English was not your first language, I would not have known.
    Your grammar is fine.
    Welcome to GC :love-m3j:
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  5. Merci Beaucoup Tangentweed! :biggrin:

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