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Discussion in 'General' started by Ajatasatru, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. a bumbler who surfed into Grasscity the other day after driving home from Dr. Happytooth's office, still a bit addled from the nitrous oxide, and...

    i dutifully administered the prescribed hydrocodone tabs (with a small but unprescribed cup of kahlua & coffee), and prepped the bong before going online in search of ... something interesting, something to learn or investigate. something 'cool' -- or maybe even something naughty. hmmm.

    [note to "self": so you were in search of distraction, trying to avoid physical discomfort

    self: yep. you caught me again. fucker.

    note to self: well, you're doing what you're supposed to do. but if i don't keep an eye on you, you'll get carried away -- right?

    self: fuck you.

    note to self: so go ahead, enjoy the opiates and stuff, but i'm watchin'.]

    entering the google portal, i issued a semi-coherent incantation and was at once taken up into the cyberwinds as the pipelines multiplied and i hitherto done blew into GrassCity.

    and stuck around. even got lost some. and i snagged me some helpful tips & successfully applied them unto my middling container of beloved houseplants. and they say, "thanks!"

    and then i went and wrote too much in this space, having only just come this way...

    these are the ramblings of an aging corpus given to excessive brain flatulence, whose words do often spew in this missive manner. but they are keyed with gratitude for the virtual respite provided.

    here's to all with love.

    "a smoke offering, a cloudbank of wish-fulfilling nectar of pure awareness and pleasure, carried on the winds to all beings in the three times and 10 directions..."
  2. lol

    yeah, and welcome to the city. you'll find plenty of distractions here :)

    and i'll just take that smoke-offering right away thankyouverymuch. kinda' dry after tonight...

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