greetings from washington, usa

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by moonlighthigh, Jun 3, 2003.

  1. hi everyone! i hope everyone is having a GREAT day! i hope to meet many people here and if anyone ever wants to message me on icq or aol instant messenger, go right ahead.
  2. High....Nice to meet you....Hope that you enjoy your time here. Lots of nice people and tons of useful information....Have fun!!
  3. High there!
    I'm kinda new here myself...


    ...did somebody say something about a massage?....
  4. Welcome To The City MoonLightHigh !
  5. hey everyone, it's nice to know you!
  6. Welcome to the city friend. :)

    washington aint too far away.

  7. nice to meet you too ick!
  8. Washington eh? same here-- Welcome to GC.

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  9. i live half way between aberdeen and olympia, how about you, Indica?
  10. I'm further east in the "desert".
  11. i see...well, i go to school at WSU :)
  12. hey ur a cutie, id love to talk to ya sometime ;)

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