Greetings from.... utah.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by trevorwestley, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Trevor-Westley is actually my pipes name... I was introduced to mariweehoo a little over a year ago and I love it. The smell makes my mouth water and the taste makes me jizz in my pants.
    Yes i'm from Utah, the Mormon capitol of the world, and it drives me crazy sometimes. Anyway that's it for now. Any questions!?:hello:
  2. Ever ride Park City?

    That place is my favorite
  3. Nice bro! I'm from Utah too. Where at were you born/currently living?
  4. welcome...if you are around delta, ut you could make a weekend of getitng stoned and fossil hunting for trilobytes....:smoke:
  5. @Philosiraptor I have ridden park city in the past but i've been going to the canyons over the last few years because they have a better deal on the student passes.

    @xxremixx I was born in SLC but live in bountiful right now.

    @since93 I don't really live by Delta but that fossil hunting idea sounds like so much fun haha
  6. Nice I was born in Vernal but live in SLC now. Trilobytes eh? sounds fun.
  7. let's see a photo of utah dank
  8. Its nice to see some fellow Utah tokers! I also love ridin I can't wait for some fresh powder. Curious how much u guys r payin for a quarter these days? If ur not growing that is.

  9. Back in my hometown it was around 100-120. Out here in SLC it's about 80-ish.
  10. Right on man. Ya I'm payin $110 right now but its just average not that good. I'm going to slc tonight to try a dif hookup.
  11. Welcome to the City!
  12. Welcome welcome!!! I'm in Sandy! How's everyone doing? We all need to collab and find the best place to buy:) I'm spending about $80-$100 on a quarter.

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