Greetings from the Victorian flame ravaged wasteland...

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  1. 30 year old stoner, aspiring writer, traveler, guardian of a maltese shitsu puppy named rat, who looks more like a dinosaur, rat, wolverine, hyena combination than a canine, currently living in Melbourne, Australia...Not sure for how long, as my partner in slime pines strongly and fiercely for a return to her native England...where I have spent most my years also. Who can predicat that far into the future. I seem to have stopped seriously focusing on long term goals many years ago, or i've just never had any serious goals to chase other than women, interesting places and sportsbikes...I have posted on the weedguru forums for many years, and continue to do so. I just happened upon your site, read a few threads, and the people here appeared to be more stoner-like, as in relaxed, laid back, STONED...than on any other forum of this ilk that i have visited over the years, except weedguru. I dont normally post much other than examples of my shotgun wordsmithery, and i am unsure if any of that would be appropriate here or indeed, welcomed, or accomodated with I will hold fire on that score for now. I guess I just wanted to say more than 'hey you'...but im stoned now, and rambling, lettingmy fingers dance across the keys, with more concern for their constant exercize than what i am actually writing...Well, the rat is sleeping on the bed behind me, my lady is at work, its valentine's day tomorrow, and while my minx won't be expecting a fuss, at least not until monday when she is off work, she will be glowing if I write her a nice poem or three, complete with pictures that a 7 year old would be embarrased by, not due to their adult orientation, but their complete lack of talent.
    Wishing you all wicked luck in all that matters,
  2. welcome to the city

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