Greetings from the superblunt

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  1. Ok my friend rolled this with some prime dank weed from a swisher and it smoked real well my first blunt for like 9 months ever since its all been glass
    also before you say dank for glass only not my weed i know not to smoke my own dank in blunts
  2. You're missing the picture.
  3. pic didnt work here it is

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  4. ^^ word. ^^
  5. my friend rolled a 14 gram blunt of some gods bud earlier today.
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    what that wasnt a blunt that was a bubble bucket
  8. me and like 3 other people had that and another fat blunt and 3 bowls off f miscellanious pipes and we were killed night before 4 bowls off of my bubbler of super dank then i saw jennifers body i was just absolutely keyed
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    You've been reported.
    Password phishing scam if anyone didn't realize.
  10. Change your password.
  11. why was that some hacking thing
  12. Yeah, look at the link. 'ElementFX', then you click on it and it wants you to re-login and the top right the buttons are different, then it simply redirects you to a real grasscity thread to make it look legit.
  13. yea i didnt read it and firefox hasnt picked it up yet a few of my facebook friends got their accounts hacked from shit like that im glad you caught that i changed my password as soon as i saw your post
  14. Yeah, some people have their e-mail in their profiles and might share the same password as their grasscity account, Id be worried about the bastard getting someone's paypal account or something.
    Well, I reported him twice, hopefully mods ban and delete his posts asap.
  15. yea i use my spam email for this site with a different password but i still dont want my gc account getting hacked that would suck
  16. bump can i get more comments on the blunt not just the attempt at phishing

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