Greetings from the Philippines,woah!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by filipinotoker, Oct 8, 2010.

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    :wave:Hahaha, hey guys I'm a dude from the philippines, I'll be sticking around:hello:

    I'm also a huge thrash,speed,uspm,traditional metal fan and I'm also a crustie haha.
    I play in a thrash metal band but we're still in the garage mode right now haha.
  2. Saan ka sa pilipinas bro? :D
    welcome to the forums. noob din ako dito. heh
  3. Hey there dude!! nice! may mga pinoy pala rito! hihi :)

    Taga Las Pinas City ako man' sa Metro Manila area yun sa south. Ikaw ba? hehe.
  4. From davao, but I have tons of relatives there that I visit sometimes. pm me your #. maybe we could hook each other up incase either of us gets lost at either's city! hehe
  5. Done, and done man, I've tons of relatives there too.
  6. NICE!!! My parents are from the Philippines... Davao and Manilla.
  7. Cant discuss hooking eachother up :devious: Welcome to the city :hello: Try to type in English though cuz 99% of us do
  8. Oh sorry man, got paranoid as hell too ;) Don't worry I think I can type and speak fluently hehehe. Thanks for the warm welcome dude!

    spectresmoke, hahaha, good one man nice to see there are always filipino's everywhere we're like rats hahaha..
  9. New here too, also from the philippines
  10. where you from dude?
  11. welcome to the city! what part of PH you from ? I'm from DC
  12. Metro manila :D
  13. i'm from the ph too! laguna to be specific. what's up?
  14. 1 more from S.E.A

    I'm a close neighbor, but currently in the States.
  15. sup homie, welcome to the city.

    im from vallejo, CA there are like 25,000 filipinos here lol. <3 pancit and pnais!

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