Greetings from the Mid Atlantic

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ZenbGoB, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Well, I guess PA is considered the mid atlantic, but I always kind of thought of it as the north east. *shrug*

    But I digress...

    Been smoking on and off for the majority of 10ish years now, depending on how long the dry spells last which feels like forever around here.

    I live closer to HBG than PHIL, but can find some decent green now and then, mostly it's your standard run of the mill brick in the last few months.

    Hrm, what else... I love to converse and really enjoy conversations with depth and breadth. Topics like philosophy, politics, horticulture, mycology, computers, video games, books, music, etc... I have a lot of interests and so little time to experience them all. :devious:

    Weed to me is more something I add to my daily life to improve it, rather than something that overwhelms it. I suffer from bipolar disorder and have found it very therapeutic, whereas without it my moods cycle so quickly that it's like having disassociative personality disorder. But I doubt PA will see the light and allow medicinal mj anytime soon. Too many old world small minds running the show around here, it's really sad. :(

    Hope to meet some new friends and learn some new things.

  2. Heyy i'm fairly new myself.. a day or so old i should say, so heyy
    and yeah i completely agree with the adding weed to your life to improve it rather than overwhelming it deffinatley ...

    *waves back* :)

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