Greetings from the "Dinger room" in Edmonton!

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    Dinger is our codeword for Marijuana, by the way. This room has evolved quite a bit over 2 years.

    We've got some black light posters, 8-bit perler bead art that a buddy made for us, some paintings that another friend made, lots of Oilers stuff, random alcoholic bottles, giant tron legacy wallpaper doohickey from, a few lava lamps, a ceramic dragon head incense holder (the smoke comes out of the nostrils), a trippy banner from Vistaprint, several bongs, pipes, a hookah and a vaporizer. Oh, and the most comfortable big grey couch in exsistence!

    Any Edmontonians around? Does anybody else have a dedicated weed smoking room in their house? I'd love to see it!
  2. Hey buddy welcome to the city
    I can't see the link but my whole house is my smoking room :smoking:

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