Greetings from Southern UK!

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  1. Hey all...

    Brooklyn here, all the way over the pond in the good ol' mother England. I am a huge cannabis advocate. I believe it is a miracle plant and we haven't even scratched the surface of the wonderful ways it can interact with your life, and the people around you.

    In the UK we have been getting a standard quality of weed for many years now, but the pricing structure changed a few years back, and you can obviously guess it wasn't in the smokers favour! There are a few sources (that I've found so far!!) that I can get loose Cali and also the packs, tins and tubs, but it is hella expensive and can really only be smoked as a treat. The only issue with this is, you get the taste for the top shelf of weeds!!!

    There are current UK growers who are working hard to get their product to as near as Cali as they can, and boy they are certainly making progress. I had a 1/2 oz of Wedding Cake last week, and hands down it is the best UK grown weed I have ever smoked. It looked, smelled, felt and smoked just like Cali, I was mighty impressed. For obvious reasons these strains never tend to hang around to long!

    I have been lucky and have tried many Cali strains, although smoking at that price range is unsustainable if you consume a large amount of weed, but as I said you can treat yourself once in a while, I don't drink, but I know people who think nothing of spending £60-80 on a bottle of whisky, so that's how I look at it myself.

    I've managed to try some great strains from Backpack Boys, Garrison Lane, West Coast Cure (Biscotti is my favourite strain of weed EVER!) and Jungle Boys. There really is no comparison to the weed available in California, and I hope, really hope that once this stupid Brexit waffle is all out of the way, we can start to decide what we need to do in this country to fix it. I've heard that Australia may be the next big country to go fully legal... UK really needs to stop oppressing.

    Anyway, I hope to start chatting to fellow smokers who can keep me updated about all things Cali!! And I hope to be getting myself out there this year to really experience the place!

    Keep tokin'....

    Brooklyn UK!
  2. I literally didn't get one hello... :sadface:
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  3. Where bouts in uk you residing bro?
    We have the high grade here.
  4. Yes bro, I'm in North Hampshire, nothing great local, but only a few hours round trip to get the power I'm after.

    Got some UK Orange jelly sunset this evening, totally underestimated her power and had a couple of bong's and ended up couched for an hour!

    Were you from then mate?
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  5. South Yorkshire, 5 mins from M1.
    We got a lot of good growers around here, putting the hours in to achieve the top shelf goods you’re talking about, but as you say, it don’t go far, I do a lot of cuttings for people across the midlands (mostly new strains) hopefully in time they will make their way down the country, and finding top quality green will be easier and cheaper for you guys.
    We will succeed if growers work together rather than being greedy.
    Quality over quantity.

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